Bulletproof backpacks are now allowed at Louisiana schools.

Bulletproof backpacks are now allowed at Louisiana schools.

Gov. John Bel Edwards on Friday signed a proposal to let students wear the bags on school property or on school buses.

"If it saves one child, that's all I would care about," said Sen. Mike Walsworth, R-West Monroe, the sponsor of the legislation and the parent of a school-age child. "I'm hoping that this backpack never has to be used."

Former Louisiana law prohibited the wearing or possession of body armor on school property or at school functions. Walsworth said he was inspired to bring Senate Bill 178 as a result of mass shootings in schools, particularly the recent high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Walworth said there are backpacks on the market that would protect against most types of guns and bullets, with the exception of some semiautomatic weapons. Some legislators raised concerns about the cost of such a backpack -- which can cost into the hundreds of dollars -- and whether many parents would be able to afford them. 

However, there are a growing number of affordable options for parents looking to invest in tactical backpacks for their children.  Bullet Proof Gear, founded by Vet and single mom had this exact concern when she started BPG. "No parent should have to worry about not having enough money to protect their child.  Bullet Proof Gear's mission is to provide affordable protection to all families". 

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